Ciao bELLa: Beauty Product Spotlight #2

Hello Beautiful!

Before I talk to you about the product I’m loving I’d like to share my dilemma, I bought Chanel’s Chance eau de toilette twist and spray a while ago and it came with two additional refills. For reference this is what it looks like.


It was perfect for traveling and I threw it in my luggage or duffel whenever I traveled. I must of lost it, left it somewhere, but I still had one refill left. I didn’t want to buy a whole new set because it was pretty pricey. The problem with the refill is that it does not have a screw top; it’s sealed. When you remove the cap you only have the “stem” (the straw like tube).

So the refill just sat on top of my dresser in its original box for a while not being used. Recently I came across the Travalo perfume atomizer (refillable perfume spray) when watching a Youtube video about favorite beauty products.

I’ve seen atomizers before, but they were the pour types, where you unscrew the perfume top and pour it into the tiny atomizer. Some came with a tiny funnel to help with that process. I can be clumsy at times and these atomizers sounded disastrous and it wouldn’t work for the one perfume I really wanted to use. When I saw the Travalo atomizer, I thought it was very innovative – you just take the top off your perfume bottle and stick the “stem” into the rubber bottom of the atomizer. To fill, you just pump and there is no chance of spilling. It worked perfectly for my Chanel Chance refill.

A little bit about the Travalo atomizer: it comes in different colors, there’s a see through slit on the side so you can see how much product/liquid is left in the tube, and it’s about the size of a lipstick. Its so cute and compact! For size comparison, I put it next to a MAC lipstick.

They are sold on the Travalo website but after watching the Youtube video, I was so excited I wanted to pick one up right away.  I did a search and found out that they were sold at Kohls. I headed to my local Kohls and low and behold they had it and it was on sale for $11. I went for the light pink one to match the original Chanel chance look – help remind me what’s inside. I can honestly say I love it, not just because I can finally use the rest of my perfume, but it is travel friendly and the spray dispenses a very dispersed mist. Seriously, who likes those defected sprays that pump out a stream of liquid that falls to the floor more than onto your body. I want a fine mist and that’s exactly how the Travalo atomizer performs. The company also claims that “it never leaks” so you don’t need to worry about it spilling in your purse or bag.

Since my first purchase sometime in August of last year, I bought 2 more. I even found it for $8 at my local Nordstrom rack (I love that store!). I picked up hot pink and black and filled them up with Marc Jacobs Oh Lola and YSL Parisienne, respectively. I like to pick colors that relate to the perfume so it helps me remember what I filled it with.

I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a travel-friendly way to carry around your perfume!

What are your favorite perfumes? Do you take them with you when you travel?

Ciao L

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