Ciao bELLa: Beauty Product Spotlight #1

Hello Beautiful!

I’d like to share with you all my beloved Makeup Planner by Trish McEvoy.

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I believe this is my best beauty product purchase this year! Can I make do with other makeup bags? Yes. Would I go back to one of my many “free gift with purchase” bags? No. Trish McEvoy makes the planner in 3 different sizes: petite, medium, and large. I picked up the medium black quilted version. With the dimensions of 7.625 x 4 x 5.5 inches, this planner fits all my essentials including full sized makeup brushes.

Let’s start with the look of the organizer. I’d say it’s absolutely chic! I’ve always admired Chanel purses and since I won’t be running to the store to pick up a Chanel quilted flap anytime soon, I can enjoy the black diamond quilted pattern whenever I do my makeup.

I’ve been using this planner since June and I find myself loving it. It holds everything I need on a day to day basis consolidated in this one bag. Great for travel too! I throw it into my little duffel for weekend trips visiting my family in LA, and it fits nicely in my luggage for my recent Vegas and Chicago adventures. The planner includes a removable makeup bag along with slots for makeup brushes and a large pocket in the back.

I am not a morning person and I am all about streamlining my morning routine, especially for weekday mornings. You wont find me rummaging through my large makeup train case for different colors or different products before work. If its not in front of me I’ll probably just skip it all together. That’s what’s great about this organizer – you zip it open and everything is in one area and all products are visible. I just take the planner to the bathroom and can do a quick 5 minute face. If I’m on the run I can just grab and go and I know I’ll have everything I need.

Planner pages can be added to the binder area and they can be bought separately. The base of a planner page is a magnet so most pans of makeup stick to it without a problem. I currently have 2 medium pages in mine and I believe a single planner can fit up to 3 pages. My pages are filled with depotted pans of face powder, bronzer, blush, and eyeshadow. I can change out the colors depending on my mood or whatever the occasion. The black page on the left is the new style which contains a mirror, while the clear one on the right is the discontinued version that I picked up for a good price off of eBay.

Where can you get it? I purchased mine from Neiman Marcus, but you can find it at Trish McEvoy or other department stores. One last pic for you!

Love it! I’d definitely recommend this product if you want to consolidate your makeup and you have pans of makeup or makeup that you can depot to put in the planner pages. “Simplify. Customize. Organize.”


  • Ginet

    I want! I want! The hard part is deciding whether to add it to my birthday wish list or get it before my upcoming trip!

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