Changes To The Blog

I think along the way I forgot the reason I started this blog, which was to inspire and be inspired.  There were posts along the way I felt were definitely inspiring, while others were rather… blah!  Plus, I started to get unmotivated… maybe with the holidays and taking a vacation from work and sort-of break from blogging got me feeling a bit sluggish.  I decided a revamp to the blog is in need to get re-motivated.  So with a fresh start in the new year, I’m changing things up in Gracious Delights!  There will be three dedicated posts a week – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  If I feel like posting something on Tuesday or Thursday, I will, but On Mondays, I’ll stick to the “Enjoy Prompts”.  Wednesdays will be dedicated to our contributors.  And Fridays will be dedicated to *hopefully* quality posts.  To be honest with you, I’m over Friday Five’s.  Who knows?  They may make a come back, but for now, I’ll move on.  I have Friday blog posts planned until the end of May, most of which involve topics of upcoming weddings I’m helping.  I’m already feeling rejuvenated as I type this!

Thanks for stopping by and please stay tuned!  For now, I’ll leave you with the most adorable video I encountered this week:


Enjoy Ginet

  • the style crusader

    Totally with you that sometimes you need to rethink why you started blogging and what the point is. Always good to reevaluate and think about how you want to structure it. Look forward to seeing your upcoming posts!


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