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Maternity Wear: Tops & Pants

Finding clothes that fit is hard enough when you’re short.  And even more difficult when you’re pregnant!  I don’t consider myself petite.  My measurements are that of a “normal” woman – 34″ bust, 26″ waist, 34″ hips – except I happen to be 4’10”.  Here’s a glimpse of how I’ve been making it work, as […]

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Shop Our Poshmark Closet

Chanel Sunglasses On Poshmark

My sister Marj and I started a Poshmark account, selling all our cute clothes, shoes, and accessories that we rarely use and/or don’t fit [anymore].  We would usually donate them, but I realized what a waste it was for my beautiful $300 BCBG dress to just be donated!  Not that I don’t like being charitable. […]

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Ciao bELLa: DIY Ombre Hair


Ombre/dip dye hair has been around for a while now, even the popular drugstore brands have come out with box dye to ombre your hair at home.  This is my second time using L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombre. The first time I used the shade 060 Medium to Dark Brown and it was more subtle. This […]

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