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This year, Ginet and I decided to do a joint birthday celebration since we were both reaching milestone ages — 25 for me and 30 for her!  We planned it for last Friday (11/22) because she and Justin would be leaving for the SF Bay Area over the weekend.  Originally, we researched a bunch of […]

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Typhoon Relief

Typhoon Haiyan, also known as Typhoon Yolanda, has destroyed many parts of central Philippines.  My family was not drastically effected, though my dad’s childhood home was destroyed by flooding in a previous typhoon this year. Source We can talk about how tragic it is (it truly is!), but better, we can do our part to […]

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My Wardrobe Space

Pax Wardrobes

When I was moving into my apartment, I was concerned about lack of space for our clothes, linens, and luggage that I had stored in my former walk-in closet.  It wasn’t one of those step-in closets either.  It was as good of a walk-in as one could get in a home! The closet in my […]

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