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Shop Our Poshmark Closet

Chanel Sunglasses On Poshmark

My sister Marj and I started a Poshmark account, selling all our cute clothes, shoes, and accessories that we rarely use and/or don’t fit [anymore].  We would usually donate them, but I realized what a waste it was for my beautiful $300 BCBG dress to just be donated!  Not that I don’t like being charitable. […]

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Confessions Of A Recovering Shopaholic # 4

We’re in the fourth and final post of the series: Maintenance and Further Prevention.  This phase details how I am able to maintain a debt-free lifestyle and a controlled shopping addiction.  Controlled?  Does that mean I’m still a shopaholic?  I don’t think I am for the most part – I still love shopping and I […]

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Confessions Of A Recovering Shopaholic #3

So far this week, I’ve confessed I’m a recovering shopaholic and I’ve outlined signs to recognize if you are a shopaholic.  Today, I’ll discuss the steps I followed to control my addiction and get out of debt.  Hopefully this will help you too if you are in or heading toward the same situation! I already […]

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Confessions Of A Recovering Shopaholic #2

According to, the following credit card statistics currently stand: Average credit card debt per U.S. adult, excluding zero-balance cards and store cards: $4,878 Average debt per credit card that usually carries a balance: $8,220. Average debt per credit card that doesn’t usually carry a balance: $1,037. Americans who carried credit card debt from month […]

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Enjoy Prompt # 3: Define Success

How do you define yourself as successful?  It’s different for everyone.  Some people define it as being a great mother, gaining financial independence, becoming famous, or having it all.  When I was growing up, I dreamt about traveling the world, owning a Gucci purse, driving a Mercedes Benz, and having a pug.  I’ve accomplished those […]

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