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A Healthier Lifestyle

For the past two months, I’ve abandoned going to the gym on a consistent basis.  I’ve also ceased some other healthy habits.  Reasons aside, I know I have to get back to the routine!  So I’m using my blog as a platform to keep myself accountable on this constant struggle.  Here are the ways I […]

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Handling Getting Hit On

I think this topic falls within the lines of this week’s enjoy prompt.  If someone is hitting on you, he/she will likely say something complimentary.  Some of you may be flattered, while others may be disgusted depending on factors like how good looking the person is, how creepy he/she comes off, and what he/she says […]

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Dear Ryan Gosling

Dear Ryan, You are probably my favorite Canadian.  I saw you grow up from the other kid (i.e. not Justin Timberlake) on “Mickey Mouse Club” to the handsome A-lister you are today.  You were a bit scrawny in “Remember The Titans”, but you started to bulk up nicely in “The Notebook”, the movie to which […]

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My Carry-On Travel Bag

I had been searching for the perfect carry-on travel bag for over a year.  I wanted a bag with the following criteria: Had to have a zipper Large enough to carry a bunch of things, including my regular purse Plenty of pockets and/or compartments Material that could easily conform underneath an airplane seat I finally […]

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On Name After Marriage

A friend posted this article on Facebook: Emma Watson’s Rebuttal to Hermione Granger Fan on Twitter Makes Us So Happy. The article got me to thinking about the topic of changing or keeping your last name after marriage and the connotations of one’s decision.  Emma Watson believes that Hermione Granger would have kept her last […]

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Quote: On Settling

Don't Settle For Less Than You Truly Deserve

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in a job because it’s “safe”?  Or you’re in a relationship with someone you may not truly in love with because you’re “comfortable”?  There’s nothing wrong with security and comfort, but when it’s not mixed with joy, you may be settling. Part of it is figuring out what you […]

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