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I have photos from my stay in the Bay Area still on my camera, waiting to be moved to my computer and uploaded to blog about a recap. I was also going to blog about assembling a Christmas shopping list.  However, I don’t feel like writing up a “how-to” at the moment and frankly, I’ve […]

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Guy Friends Can Help You Be A Better Girlfriend

I love my girlfriends. I can’t imagine life without having girls in my life.  These are women I admire and respect the most.  I value girl talks that last until the wee hours of the night, gossip sessions (especially when they’re about fictional characters), and playing three+ hour catchup over happy hour or dinner. [The […]

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I’m On Twitter!

So umm I’m on Twitter.  I signed up for it a while ago to stalk celebrities, but I’ve rarely used it.  I figure I should try it for networking and getting my news since the loss of iGoogle, but I do find it quite overwhelming.  Like total information overload!  A link to my profile is […]

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Dose Of Inspo: Walt Disney Quotes

I came across this morning: Why Walt Disney Is The Only Person You Ever Need To Listen To Again.  I have great admiration for Mr. Walt Disney, not only as the creator of Disney and Disneyland, but as a person and businessman.  I’ve watched a few documentaries on his life. I’ve even gone to The […]

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