Bang Bang

I’ve been to this restaurant/bar/nightlife hot spot over a month ago so this is my second time here.  We went to Bang Bang for an early birthday celebration for Chris, one of my good friends and our very own Kristiana’s boyfriend, on Tokyo Tuesday when the Happy Hour specials are all night long.

I just got my new camera, a Sony Nex-6, last weekend so this was my first outing to play around with it!  I’m definitely a rookie photographer.  There were some blurry photos, but overall I think the quality of the photos were pretty good!  Way better than my former point and shoot.

The main attraction to Bang Bang is hands down the ladies restroom, particularly the Ryan Gosling room.  I guess it could be considered a stall, but it’s rather big and has its own sink.  Too bad someone was always there when I went so I didn’t catch photos.  I’m sure if you look up the restaurant you’ll see plenty of admirers surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall collage of Mr. Hey Girl himself.  There’s also a cute Hello Kitty stall!

The service was excellent!  We were a rather big group and the waiters took great care of us.  The waitstaff is good looking too so that may have helped in my opinion of the service!  We had a group of thirteen but couldn’t be seated until we had at least ten of us there.  Keep that in mind when you go!  The food was decent but kinda pricey for my liking.  I didn’t and wouldn’t get anything outside the Happy Hour menu.  Punch bowls seem to be the latest trend.  It’s communal and great for fun pictures!  I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday:

My husband observed that all the good looking people go out on the weeknights.  Why are we only getting the memo now?!

This weekend is fully of birthday celebrations!  Happy Birthdays to Chris (3), Rob (4), and April (5)!!

Enjoy Ginet

  • Akshara Vivekananthan

    Wow, looks like a super fun night! What a cool place, the bathroom stalls are hilarious!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

    • admin

      Thank you! Hope you have an awesome weekend too! I’ll be sure to check out your blog :)

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