April’s 30th Birthday

This past Saturday was my best friend April’s 30th birthday.  April has been one of my dearest friends since the eighth grade.  We had all the same classes in our freshman year of high school then all but one class together our senior year.  We sort of live parallel lives: working for the same company, getting a dog the same year, getting engaged the same year, and even getting married the same year!  Truly we were meant to be and stay friends!  For those of you who don’t know us, we also owned an event design and coordination company called Simply Chic.  We are no longer in business, but we still very much practice planning and crafting.  April has her own scrapbooking blog and etsy store.  You must check her out!

We celebrated with dinner at RB Sushi!  Some of us did the all-you-can-eat sushi.  Justin and I go to RB Sushi for this special every month.  It’s a bit of an indulgence, but we think we get the best value that way since we love ordering nigiri, hand rolls, and multiple bowls of miso soup!  April’s dinner attendants took up two long tables.

My favorite craftyneer gave each us the cutest favor!  She displayed her calligraphy skills with a tag clipped to a basket of treats.  The basket was filled with a cookie, macarons, and a pistachio toffee.  Yum!

Thank you Apes for inviting us to your 30th birthday dinner!  Glad we got to celebrate with you!

Enjoy Ginet

  • http://damitaprilurcool.blogspot.com Apes

    Omg Gin! Thanks for the sweet post! :) I was just expecting a shout-out like “hey I did this this wkend”, not a whole post dedicated to me. Haha! Thank you and Justin for coming! :) We need to have another catch up dins soon.

    PS. Can you email me these photos?!

    • http://graciousdelights.com admin

      Hi Apes! You’re very welcome :)

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