Another Poshmark Closet Deal

We’ve sold many of our super cute clothes and shoes on Poshmark! We’ve just performed some major price reductions on most of our closet listings.  And as gracious readers of this blog, we’re offering a greater discount!  Save 20% when you bundle two or more listings! Just let us know what items you’d like bundled together and mention you read about the 20% discount for bundles on Gracious Delights.  Please note three things:

1)  Discount offer only applies til the end of the month (Tuesday, 03/31/15).

2) Least sale price is $15 with additional discount already applied.  So you can’t bundle three $5 listings and get a discount of $12 (20% off $15).

3) Discount only applies when adding together current list priced items.  For example, if you want this black leather Banana Republic purse that’s currently on sale for $50 :


Bundled with this polka dot Zara top that’s currently on sale for $10:


The discounted sale price for the bundle will be $48 (20% off $50 + $10).

Umm hello?!?  Pretty sweet deal, if I do say so myself!

Currently not a Posher?  Get $5 credit by applying this code when you download the app and sign up: BRXBS.

Happy Poshing and happy saving to you!

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