A Dose Of Inspo: Ireland Baldwin’s Letter

Since it’s my sister’s birthday today, I thought I’d share a dose of inspiration from Ireland Basinger Baldwin’s “Happy Birthday” letter she posted the day her new baby sister was born.  Ireland is the 17-year old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.


I may be bias because I sort of developed a girl crush on her (is it creepy that a 29-year old woman follows a 17-year old on Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine?), but I find it admirable that she shared her words of wisdom.  You get a glimpse of how much she has gone through and matured with her advice to her sister:

3. ENJOY YOUR CHILD HOOD AND YOUR TEENAGE YEARS!!!! I grew up way too fast. I always hung out with an older crowd. I always wanted to do what the big kids were doing. I always wanted to date older boys. It is ok to have older friends. That’s not the point. The point is, act your age, not your area code. If you’re 11, be 11. If you’re 16, BE 16. Love it. I am currently 17 years old and I am worrying about things that I have no clue why I am even worrying about them! One of these days, you will own your own home and pay all these lame bills. Enjoy not having to pay bills. Seriously.

4. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. In elementary school, you may not necessarily care about your outward appearance as much. For me, I started to care in Middle School. I started to compare myself to my classmates and to my friends. I would come home and sob for hours because I had super rosy red cheeks and hairy legs because I didn’t know razors were a thing. We’ll get into shaving later. In high school, I started to care about other’s opinions of me too often and I began to hate my body. I simply wasn’t good enough for my own two eyes. You may be as awkward as a hillbilly at the opera in middle school and part of high school, but believe me, you will grow out of it! Don’t beat yourself up! Eating clean and staying fit won’t be difficult for you considering your mom is the Dalai Lama of yoga and eats beyond healthy. Enjoy your pizza parties and your Starbucks. I’m sure you and I will bake together and go on milkshake dates. We can even workout together. I’ll always be your gym buddy. Just remember, the happiest girl in the room is the prettiest girl. By projecting your inner beauty, you will shine.

8. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST. You have parents who are in the public eye. A lot of people are going to want to be your friend because of it. Don’t buy everyone dinner or tickets to the One Direction reunion concert because you feel obligated to do it. Make sure your friends love you for who YOU are, Carmen. NO other reason. I have made so many friends. I have had my heartbroken countless times because I had to learn that I should never have trusted them. I sure learned it the hard way. I, on the other hand, will always be a friend that you can trust. You can tell me anything. You can tell me you’re into chicks…or you have a weird mole on your nipple…or you got an F on a test…anything. Whatever you tell me is between us. Tell me and I will do my best to help you through anything.

I was too young and maybe too close in age to give my sister some advice when she was born, but we can all give and apply this and similar input no matter what age we are.

Enjoy Ginet

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