A Dose Of Inspo: Happy Habits

Huffington Post has another Gracious Delights-worthy article!  The Habits Of Supremely Happy People is a list of well, habits (duh!) that happy people practice.  Cue Jojo’s “The Happy Song”.  Here are some of my favorites:

They surround themselves with other happy people.  Get rid of those Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers.

They cultivate resilience.  Follow Aaliyah’s advice:  “At first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”.

They value a good mixtape.  Music forms or enhances your mood so if you listen to depressing songs, chances are you’ll feel [more] depressed. Same with happy and upbeat music. Doesn’t dance music just make you want to get up and dance? Though I do love a juxtaposition every now and then i.e. Police’s “So Lonely”.

They LOL.  We all know laughter is the best medicine.  You know, the real laughing out loud not just typing “LOL”.

They walk the walk.  I had to include this gif of Beyonce attached to the article:

So how about it? Let’s practice these happy habits! No doubt some of them will be future enjoy prompts. Any thoughts on this article? Any habits to include?

P.S. Don’t you want to just strut down the hallway like Beyonce now?

Enjoy Ginet

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