2013 Christmas Cards & Gift Wrapping

Inspired by April’s DIY Holiday Card Tutorial, I made my own Christmas cards!  When shopping at Cotton On in Fashion Valley, I checked out Typo (super cute store, by the way) and purchased their Christmas card kit!  Totally convenient because I didn’t want to run yet another errand to get card supplies.

I also purchased stickers from Target and already had a supply of doilies.  Here are the three best ones I made:

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make cards this year, but April sort of forced me to because she gave me an address stamp she designed through her Etsy shop.  Since I’m not sure if I’m still going to live in my current apartment, this would be my only real chance to use the stamp!  Marj wanted to try stamp embossing, something I did for my 2012 cards.  Here’s a video I posted on Instagram:


I slapped on a Washi tape and voila!

I’ll be honest with you – I’m not the biggest fan of wrapping gifts.  I’m all about saving time and energy, but still adding a touch of chic!  I knew I wanted to use kraft paper bags and doilies, being inspired from what I’ve seen while browsing for ideas.  Using the ribbon from the Typo Christmas card kit, here’s what I came up with:

For smaller gifts, I used lunch bag-style favor bags, smaller doilies (both types of bags and doily sizes I purchased at Michael’s), and tiny red cloth pins I got from Typo (can’t say enough awesomeness about the store).

Did you make your own holiday cards?  If so, were you inspired by April’s tutorial as I was?  Also, how did you wrap your gifts?

Enjoy Ginet

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